Our trip to Tucson this year was great as always!

We are very excited to have come across the most powerfully energetic stone since I held Moldavite for the first time in the mid 80s. Euphoralite is a very old stone formation that has been recently found in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This was found in an area the Cheyenne and Lakota tribes consider the Sacred Center of the Earth, the Axis Mundi. Some mineral deposits have been dated to 2.8 billion years old in this area. The deposits are growing in a very unique way which is called a chimney dike.
Lepidolite with an extremely high lithium composition is layered between Blue Tourmaline, which is embedded in Quartz and Mica. There are many other minerals
and metals making up these healing stones.
What makes Euphoralite different than other crystal formations?
There are up to 40 different minerals in these amazing pieces. They may contain the following Albite, Almandine, Amblygonite, Augelite, Beryl, Bismuth, Cassitenite,
Columbite, Elbite, Fairfieldite, Feldspars, Flourapatite, Foutmanierite, Greenockite, Gold, Ilmenite, Jahnsite, Kosolite, Lepidolite, Lollingite, Microline, Montebrasite,
Moonstone, Muscovite Mica, Quartz, Rubellite, Schorl, Sicklerite, Sphalerite, Silver, Spodumene, Starolite, Tantalite, up to 5 types of Tourmaline, Triphylite, Verdelite,
and Zircon.

When particular stones are worked with each other many beneficial healing energy are being transmitted.
The stones can be held in the hands and transmitted through the physical and Etheric bodies or placed in a healing room to create a high vibrational healing grid
in the healing room.
There is a negative ion effect, created by these mineral combinations. Much like the effects of a salt lamp, but without a heat source.
Vibrational testing was done at the Vesica Institute which shows the stone to be Adaptogenic Stones(very high centering vibration)
A couple of healing rooms have been built with Euphoralite embedded in the walls. The energy of a couple of small pieces is very healing and transformative. I can
only imagine what a room of this would be like.
Euphoralite can be used to enhance communication with beings from the higher realms and with connection to your own higher self. This link to higher dimensional
knowledge is being given to us now to help with the energies being upgraded to humanity at this time in our evolution.